Earthy Tones

pose 2.

Though the outdoors was slightly chilly and a dark gloom hung above the heavy clouds, I decided to brave the elements and go for peaceful stroll. Taking inspiration from the weather I decided to wear something a bit warmer and played around with earthy-tones. For this look I kept it relatively simple, utilising only browns and creams.

wall 2.




coat open 2.

Coat – New Look

Shirt – Zara

Trousers – River Island

Shoes – Converse

Ring – Wallis

The coat is a beautiful caramel colour, studded with gold-faded buttons and is softly padded all over. It shares similarities to a Barbour coat but for is available at a cheaper cost…which I like! The dark elbow patches are faux leather, which supplies a different texture to the coat as well as giving a contrasting look. The collar is a softer material which allows it to sit comfortably on my neck. Overall the coat has a lightweight structure and makes for easy wearing and its waterproofing element is a bonus too.

The shirt blends in seamlessly with the quilted coat and trousers, due to its creamy-white colour. The collar is elegant, with grey bobbles stitched into the collar which I paired with my ring. The ring has a solitary grey stone surrounded by numerous petite sparkly, sliver stones. The gold base of the ring plays well with the gold buttons on the coat. I love the crispness that this shirt provides, the centre panel is a thicker material, whereas the rest is more transparent which all serves to give the outfit additional dimensions. I decided against wearing a necklace, as I thought the collar was ‘statement’ enough.

The biker trousers are such a great item to have in your wardrobe. They are so versatile and can be worn with almost anything yet being extremely comfy and warm. I particularly love the patches on the side of either leg, giving a break from the usual plain trousers.

Lastly, I wore my leather, low top converses which kept the look casual. I especially love how it matches the shirt and follows the theme of earthy-browns, complimented with creams within the outfit. And just so everyone could appreciate the pretty shirt collar, I tied my hair in a high ponytail, in hope of not covering it. I ended up having a lovely walk, made all the better by my comfy yet stylish outfit.


Earthy Tones

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