Autumn Haul


Over the last month my shopping appetite has risen..oops! I love the dark colours which are beginning to flood through the stores. Long gone is the summer heat and has now been displaced by a gentle cold, crispness which lingers amongst the autumn air. So, I decided to compact this by purchasing lots of new clothes to add to my autumn armoury.

DSC_0244 DSC_0245

The first item is this lovely soft, fluffy coat. I purchased this piece from Primark and I am very impressed with the quality. Luckily, there was one left, in my size! When I tried it on, I instantly fell in love. The coat is so soft and light to wear and brings an immediate sense of elegance to any outfit. I can’t wait to wear this coat, especially in the christmas season.

DSC_0247 replace               DSC_0248


The next purchase is the light, fluffy, baby pink jumper which is also from Primark. It’s so soft and I thought it would look so pretty to wear on a cold day. I imagined this with a colourful statement necklace laid upon the jumper whilst I was buying it. I have been wearing this so much recently and love it!

DSC_0251               DSC_0253

The next jumper is a beautiful maroon-purply colour and of course…is fluffy. At the moment I really adore fluffy jumpers, they look very cute and stylish and bring an alternate texture to my outfits. The jumper is comfortable and I’ve received many compliments from wearing this. I bought this jumper from H&M and it fits wonderfully into the autumn season.

DSC_0259               DSC_0258

I’ve been in need of some new jeans which are skinny. I can never find a pair which aren’t so baggy around my ankles. But finally I stumbled upon these dark, denim, acid-washed jeans from New Look. These were inexpensive and they fit extremely well as well as being super soft against the skin. I love them so much that I may buy another pair, maybe in black.

DSC_0261               DSC_0262

Next, the black knitted jumper from H&M. As well as dressing up I also need comfy clothes for me to wear to college. The great thing about this jumper is it has an intricate knitted texture which adds some style to a casual outfit.

DSC_0266               DSC_0268

The next pair of trousers are from F&F clothing, they are a dark blue covered in pretty pink flowers. Plus the trousers fit so well and are high waisted which I think looks so cool and funky.

DSC_0274               DSC_0275

The crop top (Debenhams) has an unusual pattern and is a quick piece to throw on. I love how black is incorporated into the top which adds a hint of edginess.

DSC_0283               DSC_0284


Additionally, the other crop top from H&M, with a delicate laced pattern and a high collar. The bottom has a scalloped finished and makes the top look so elegant and is a great party-wear. It reminds me of something Cara Delevingne would wear.

DSC_0279                                  DSC_0281

The maxi skirt was from M&S and is a staple piece for the wardrobe. I always get sick of wearing trousers all the time in winter and so this skirt is a great option. It is a very thick material and can be styled in so many different ways.

DSC_0286             IMG_2094

The necklace was purchased from Primark, the aqua blue stones are weaved into a thick gold chain which is outlined with a deep ocean-blue rope-like thread. The necklace is bold and comes in a unique colour way. The choker necklace was from New Look and has metallic beads interlaced between the spaces of the choker.

DSC_0289               DSC_0110

The boots were purchased from Debenhams. I’ve been in need of some ankle boots which are right on trend this season. I love the gold buckle on the side, as it adds an accent to the boot. The boots are so stylish and edgy and serve a great purpose in this rainy weather. Lastly, the best for last…my boots from New Look. They caught my eye from a distance, I love how they are chunky and look so edgy. The heel looks so classy but are so easy to walk in, as the heel is thick and platformed. The zip on the side adds much characteristic to the boot.. I can’t get enough of them.

As always, thanks for reading…new post soon!





Autumn Haul

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