Nail Designs: Ciaté Patent Leather Review

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For christmas my Auntie gifted me a truly lovely set of the Ciaté nail vanishes. I have never used this brand before, however have heard exciting whisperings about the nail polishes. So, I decided to share with you my honest thoughts of using the nail products for the first time.

nail polishes lined up 2

There were four colours: ‘can’t be kinky’- inky black, ‘mostly a minx’ dark, pretty raspberry, ‘good to be a goddess’- gorgeous deep ocean blue and finally ‘dare to bare’- a perfect nude with a cream finish.

hand 1

hand 3

nail pens

inside nails house

both hands

The nail polish was thick and applied very smoothly on my nails. The vanish was a block colour which left a shiny, silky finish. Additionally, one-coat was enough in my opinion, it gave such high coverage with an instant gloss, drying super quick. The packaging did not lie, the polish definitely left a ‘patent leather finish’ which looked rather trendy. The set also included a clear, silicon top coat which left a wet-look and an extreme high-shine. Overall, I found the nail polish to be of a high standard and I was very satisfied with the result, I certainly look forward to purchasing more of them in the future. For me, the stand-out colour from the set was ‘mostly a minx’ which has a beautiful, deep, dark red/burgundy colour.

I am obsessed with nail art and decided to make my nails look extra sassy, and so I laced my nails with an Aztec patterns. To complete the look I affixed a few gems to add some glam and pa-pow. I opted to use the ‘nails supreme’ pens which are ever so easy to use. The pens are a wonderful investment as you have the option to refill them with whichever colour you prefer. The paint ejects out rather finely and are easy to control, but some level of manual dexterity does help! These are great to pull out when friends are around to have a good time. Plus, I always get compliments whether my nails designs are simple or complicated, which is always lovely to hear.

Happy new year!

Rakhee. x

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Nail Designs: Ciaté Patent Leather Review

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