D.I.Y Bronzing Cream



As summer is soon approaching us, I really wanted my skin to have a beautiful, bronzy glow. I’ve been craving a bronzing cream which was extremely easy to apply on a daily basis rather than using a tanning lotion. So, I decided to put my mind to work and create a super affordable, quick bronzing cream!

All you will need is a body & face cream and a bronzing powder which is about 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone (the bronzer you want to be, the darker the bronzer)!

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I used NIVEA Lotion (remember if you want your bronzing cream to smell super delicious, just pick a cream with a great scent) and Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Powder in medium matte.

1.Firstly, I used a toothpick to crumble up the powder by dragging it over a small area,(you could easily use your finger to do this, but it gets a bit messy).


2.Add the bronzing powder to an empty container.


3.Start adding the cream in small amounts to the powder.


4.Now the fun starts! Use your finger to mix the cream and powder together. This enables you to squash the clumps of powder into the cream. This results in a smooth mixture.

5.Then keep adding the cream and testing it on yourself until you have got the desired bronze-look you were wishing for!


6.Finally, apply the bronzing cream onto the area you would like and ta-dah!






This is perfect, as you are able to apply the cream within minutes to any area of your body, including your face and get instant results.  The cream gives an even layer and no unwanted patches unlike tanning lotions. To remove make sure you give yourself a good scrub in the shower or use make-up wipes to ensure its all gone.

Let me know what you guys think and please leave a suggestion for a D.I.Y you would like to see in a future post…






D.I.Y Bronzing Cream

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